Sunday, 10 July 2016

America 2016

Hi all!

Just got back from a long trip to New York and Florida today- boy was it exhausting walking around non stop all day!

Unlike the year before where I did New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas, I brought my camera this year so made an attempt to photograph my journey.

It was Independence Day in America (aka 4th of July) which from the words of a true American, was the "Party Holiday". Indeed it was. We went to Magic Kingdom for the day because we expected greatness- American's don't celebrate holidays half-heartedly...they go all out.

Also this was the first time I had ever tried to attempt to take pictures of fireworks- I Googled the best conditions and they said I needed a tripod....LOL NOPE. So a few of the photos were blurry messes but considering I was going handheld I think I did good for a first try.

Some of the pictures I posted were of the aftermath of the most recent event that had affected Orlando, which was the shootings in the Pulse nightclub- all these attacks that we see in the never seems real until you meet people who are directly affected by it and have lost people in the attack.

I will try update this blog more often with anything I do- I still have a bunch more stuff to post which I was supposed to do before I left, including the photographs I took of some Uni work my very talented friends have done!

Monday, 30 May 2016

Faith in Glory

Went to the Alma in Bolton last night to photograph/film a band I've known since last year called Faith In Glory. Got loads of the same kind of pictures so posting some of my favs from last night! :D