Friday, 25 July 2014

Flowers and a major soft spot for ducklings

I went to Shrewsbury today and took my camera along.
Lots of statues

Even more flowers

Even flowers shaped like animals

But what's even better? Real life animals (I turned into one of those people from the McVities adverts)

I do have more photos but if I showed you all of them you'd fall asleep (I hope not but hey)

I want a duckling.
Someone get me one and I can have a mini army of cute animals.
Then I'd take pictures and put it on my blog.
Until next time :)

Friday, 18 July 2014


So a few months back, I found myself in Manchester with my camera and my Rebel Bass Productions crew. We were given an awesome offer to shoot a promo video for this band called KAZO. They wanted something similar to Race Against the Machine, so in the edit the cuts are choppy (very cool terminology), so this is the final result, which was finally released today! 

Hopefully we did it justice, and I hope you enjoy it :)

Also check out Rebel Bass Productions Facebook page too (for the cool peeps)

Thursday, 17 July 2014

England is Pretty Sometimes

One of these is my cover photo. I'll let you guess which one it is.
This time I used a UV filter on my lens. Works brilliantly with waterfalls.

I like playing around with focus a lot.

Er ma gerd the nettles is in focus and the water is out of focus wow.

Now it's the other way around wow omg mind blown.

*cries* how cute

Some of the stuff I've been up to prior to right now

Before recently, you will find me taking photos of sunsets


Also a bit of both

I find can't really go wrong. There is a photographer in everyone. Instagram proves that, or maybe it brings out the 'arty' in everyone. Either way they want their friggin sunsets back, deal? :P

A New Beginning.

Hello World

Hi World. 
I'm Zoe.
I like music, especially bands, but I have never been to a concert before (lame i know ugh)
Although I saw Jimmy Fallon at Universal Studios once and Pitbull performed, but I wouldn't count that as important information. It's not like I went to Universal Studios to see Pitbull. He was just there. As well as the Aerosmith ride, which was friggin awesome. 

My best work is going to be put up here, although I'll always improve from my last photo, maybe make mistakes, but I'm always going to aspire to travel the world, taking photos as I go. Whatever I write isn't important, but I may as well show you, rather than tell you. (I've already made 3 posts in one day, to kind of give an idea of what I do, but not completely. I film bands too)

Follow, comment and check out my social medias.

By the way, this is my face. You'll probably rarely see it as I spend most of my time behind the camera.
This photo is like 3 years old, but I look the same, only more cool. I'll update you in good time.